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Upcoming Events

July 7th, 7:30 PM CERN Softball Club All-Purpose General Meeting (venue tbd)

2017 Fixtures and Results (Games)

July 23rd - 4:00 pm at Vessy CERN Fermions - Leones

The Team(s)

A single CERN team called 'CERN Fermions' is participating in the GSL this year (and since 2014.) It was created by the unification of the Quarks and Leptons teams, and has welcomed many newcomers each year. A physics aside: Fermions are a type of particle. Quarks and Leptons are both 'fermions' types of particles - in fact they are the only known (discovered) type of fundamental particles which are fermions. Other particles such as protons and neutrons, which are composed of quarks (and gluons), are also fermions. (A unified roster in the website are under construction.)
The Fermions (2015)
THE Fermions 2015

Club Membership & Dues

All softball club members old and new are requested to please fill out the Club Membership Form for 2016. This includes security information for access to our field, Higgs Field on the CERN Prevessin site. Childers Field (old Bucker Field) in scenic Bellevue, as well as information for the team roster, the club member list, and for your softball card.

As usual, Club Dues can be paid directly to the UBS bank account and are due by June 30th, 2016. -->

Team Information

Other Important Information

  • CERN Softball Club Posters: [Powerpoint]
  • CERN Softball Club Paraphenalia on Sale:
    • New Fermions team T-Shirt - 30 CHF
    • Caps - 20 CHF

    Contact John Apostolakis to purchase items. Prices are for members only. Else, add 10 CHF membership fee.

About The Club

The CERN Softball Club is an official CERN Club comprising people associated with CERN and others who enjoy playing and/or watching slow-pitch softball. The CERN team, the Fermions plays games from May through September against other teams in the Geneva Softball League. Women and men of all ages and levels of skill play on the CERN team and anyone interested is encouraged to join us and give it a try.

How to Join

If you are interested in joining the CERN Softball Club or if you would like to know more about it, please contact any of our Committee Members or just come out to one of our games. For now, all of our games are played at Childers Field located between Collex and Bellevue. The dates and times of games can be found in the Event Calendar and/or GSL Schedule.

Club Sponsors

The CERN Softball Club would like to acknowledge and thank the following organisations for their generous sponsorship of our club, past and present.

CERN Staff Association
Worth Inc.
Sport Toto

CERN and the World-Wide Web

The CERN Softball Club was the first softball team to publish a home page on the World-Wide Web. The reason for this is that the Web was originally created here at CERN. If you would like more information regarding the history of the development of the Web at CERN (yet another good reason to support fundamental research), I suggest the following resources:

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