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CERN Softball Club

Membership Form
(CERN Softball Club Members Only)
CERN Softball Club

Membership Form

Please fill out the following form if you plan to be a member of the CERN Softball Club this year. This includes anyone playing for the Fermions and/or or supporting the club as a non-playing member. E-mail questions to Softball.Club@cern.ch.

Bold fields are required for security. Italic fields are optional for softball cards.

Club Database Information

Given Name:
Family Name:
(choose one)
Membership Type:
(choose one)
Work Phone:
Home Phone:
E-mail Address:
E-mail Address (alt):

Field Access Security Information

The following information is necessary for access to Childers Field. Additionaly, for non-CERN members, much of it is needed for access to Higgs field for practices and tournaments. It will be made available only to the authorities maintaining security at the field.

Month of Birth:
Location of Birth:
(City, Town, County, Province or State)
Primary Transportation:
(choose one)
Secondary Transportation:
(choose one)
Country of Primary License Plate:
(choose one)
Country of Secondary License Plate:
(choose one)
Number of Primary License Plate:
Number of Secondary License Plate:

Softball Card Information

(choose up to 3)
(choose one)
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Softball Card Comments

Write the comments you want written under your batting statistics here:

Thank you. Your card should be updated in 4-5 days. Otherwise, please contact us at Softball.Club@cern.ch.

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