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CERN Softball Club

Fermions Team Roster
CERN Softball Club

This is the official roster for the CERN Fermions for the 2016 season. Only players who have had at least one plate appearance during the season and have filled out a membership form are included. If you are not included but ought to be, please send mail to Softball.Club@cern.ch.

Last update: 28 May 2016 (Provisional list of players - based on 2015 Roster )

This Year's Roster (Softball Cards)

  1. John Apostolakis P,1B,OF
  2. Todd Besanceney OF,3B,P
  3. Al Blatter 1B,OF,Utility
  4. Andre Hernandez SS,3B
  5. Gleb Iatsenia
  6. Joseph Izen 3B,SS,2B
  7. Julie Kenst Utility
  8. Coleman Nee 2B,OF,C
  9. Sabina Schiller 1B,OF,C
  10. Phillip Silva SS,OF,Utility
  11. Alex Sosa 3B,2B,OF
  12. Jared Sturdy
  13. Zsolt Szoke

Compiled Statistics

Previous Rosters (Fermions 2014-15 and Quarks/Leptons before)

Membership Form

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