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19 July 2013

The CERN Softball Club's
and Geneva Softball League's
Bernie Tourney
for GSL and invited teams.
CERN Softball Club

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The CERN Softball Club, the first Softball Club on the World Wide Web is pleased to host the Bernie Tournament 2015.

The Bernie Tourney 2015 will take place on June 27th and 28th, and will be hosted at Higgs field at CERN Prevessin site. Expected participants include the teams of the Geneva Softball League ; teams were invited also from Switzerland and Spain, but are not able to attend this year. The teams attending will be competing to have the team name inscribed on the prized Bernie Plate, a hand-crafted trophy designed and constructed by local softball artist Paul Garritty.

Please note: Players are welcome to bring family and friends, but must inform the organisers of the names of all players and all non-playing visitor and your car license plate information. Please provide this information via your team's coach in time to allow him/her to submit it on Monday, June 30th. If you are driving a car and/or you cannot give this information to your team coach, you can also submit this information directly using the following form: Bernie Tournament People Registration Form. Please also use this form in case you are joining a different team from your regular GSL team, and list the names of these teams in the form.

Game Schedule

We expect to have two fields available this year, as we should be able to use the full combined Softball/Cricket field. Games start at 11:00 CET on Saturday and Sunday and last until 18:30 CET. We expect that preliminary games (not the Final!) will last 60 minutes (no new innings to start after 50 minutes.) Each batter will start with a 1-and-1 count (1 ball, 1 strike.) Seeding for the quarter and semi-finals on Sunday is based on Saturday results. Updated schedules will be posted below. Each team must report the result of its game to the organisers - score and number of innings - by SMS to 076-242-0801 or using WhatsApp. Games whose scores are not reported will count as loses for both teams. Teams qualifying for the semi-finals will be required to provide an umpire each for the other semifinal match and the final. The Final will be a 7 inning game with no time limit. Home/Away The home team for every game will be determined by a coin toss.

Saturday, June 27th:

The schedule for Saturday will be available here as soon as possible.


Sunday, June 28th

The preliminary schedule will be determined after all games are played on Saturday, June 27th.

Parking/Safety Rules

Designated parking area will be provided. We are seeking to obtain access to parking within the site (to be confirmed.). The number of parking spots are limited outside the CERN Prevessin site - so please consider sharing cars if possible. Neither CERN nor the Softball Club accept responsibility for damage or injury caused by tournament activities, including normal softball play (for example home runs). Please take care especially when parking or moving your car, and in approaching the field when games are on.

If you are able to enter the site, please make sure that you use a legal parking space - do not block the road. We recommended to park in the restaurant parking lot, if there is space available. Otherwise there are many good parking spots in the lot behind the Restaurant building. ( Please note that it is not safe to park directly behind the fence - cars have been damaged from home runs. )


Please take care especially when approaching the field when games are on.

Families are welcomed and encouraged to show up. Parents, however, are asked to take care that children, and small domestic animals, stay clear of the playing field, to prevent injury. Players and guests must to remain in the area of the tournament and the surrounding field, and not wander around the site, and respect the host's other rules and all organiser requests.

Food and Drink

Ice cold beverages will also be on sale at a good price - do not bring your own, unless you have special dietary needs (eg milk for the youngest.) Please DO bring your own extra water.

Grills are available next to the field. Do bring your items to grill (hot dogs, sausages.) We will sell a small amount of prepared food for those who do not have their own. Please contact John Apostolakis if you are interested to contribute items to share (salads, fruit).

There is space for picnics and other activities.

We will provide some seats, and a small number of tents for shade. However due to the revised field location, there will be less space in the shade during the morning and early afternoon. If you have your own portable seat and/or tents, we suggest your consider bringing it along.

Map and Directions

Higgs Field is located on the CERN site in Prévessin, France. Simple maps locating the field can be found here. Using Google Maps at
View Bernie Tournament 2014 in a larger map

In past years the event was scheduled to coincide with our Music Club's CERN Hardronic Festival. Unfortunately the Hadronic Festival will not be held this year.

About Bernie


The Bernie Tourney is a festive celebration of softball, organized to honour the memory of Bernard Sutton, the founding father of CERN Softball and one of the key organizers of the Geneva Softball League. Bernie helped to build and run the PS, SPS and LEP colliders during his long and colorful career as an accelerator engineer at CERN. His contributions to both CERN and the CERN Clubs were countless. The Softball Club salutes Bernie the only way we know how: On the field and at the BBQ grill!

Thank you.

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